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[ L ] Tunes Project

To sum up the main features in technical terms, TUNES is a project to replace existing Operating Systems, Languages, and User Interfaces by a completely rethought Computing System, based on a fully reflective architecture.

Proeminent features built around this reflective architecture will include unification of system abstractions, security based on formal proofs from explicit negociated axioms as controlled by capabilities, higher-order functions, self-extensible syntax, fine-grained composition, distributed networking, orthogonally persistent storage, fault-tolerant computation, version-aware identification, decentralized (no-kernel) communication, dynamic code (re)generation, high-level models of encapsulation, hardware-independent exchange of code, migratable actors, yet (eventually) a highly-performant set of dynamic compilation tools (phew).

In Computer Science, Reflection is the domain of programs that (effectively or potentially) describe and manipulate "themselves", or other related programs. This notion extends to programs the philosophical notion of Reflection of human thought that can apply to itself. The idea is not quite new, and has been used by the founding fathers of formal logic and computer science in their early theorems on the power and limits of reasoning and computation (Cantor, Gцdel, Turing, etc).

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