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[ M ] Ершумукн Corp рассказывают нам о песне Your Girl Энди Драгазиса

Маленькие девочки на сцене тихо напевают лучшую ни-к-чему-не-обязывающую мелодию ночи.

Nothing Changes Under the Sun saves its most potent charge for its midpoint; "Your Girl," a blend of Easy Listening gentility and creepy, ice-cold girl/woman vocals, plants itself in lyrical ambiguity. "If you want me for your girl/ all you have to do is see/that you're not the boy for me," the vocalist repeats, delivering her dismissal of affection with chillingly elegant sincerity. The voice is suspect; given the lack of a vocal credit, I'm inclined to wonder if cries of "That's not a woman -- it's Andy Dragazis, baby!" are in order.

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