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[ L ] Мини-овцы (для поклонников)

I raise rare Olde English miniature Babydoll sheep and German angora rabbits. Both provide me with excellent luxurious wool fiber to market to local hand spinners.

The babydolls are adorable mini sized sheep, which have been around since the 1700's perfect for small acreage owners. They prefer small areas to roam, and are very docile and friendly to handle. Their wool has been considered in the same class as cashmere (very fine.) They look like little fuzzy teddy bears and appear to have smiling faces - just adorable. Their maximum height is 24" at the shoulder and typically weigh between 70 - 120 Lbs. I currently am expecting white lambs in May and June. Its wise to contact me early if interested in purchasing one or a few. 

Lamb prices;
whether (neutered male) $700/pair
ram lamb $500 each
ewe lamb $800 each

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