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Что бывает, если слишком любить свою работу (from FC)

  • "People shouldn't regard their jobs with dread. But they also shouldn't fall in love with their jobs." -- Andrew Ross, professor and director at NYU
    Searching for New Directions
  • More on emotion at work ...
    Betrayed by Work

Очень правильные вещи — о том, что не стоит посвящать себя целиком одному и тому же делу. Пишут о бизнесе и деловых нюансах, но практически то же самое давно уже говорил я тем людям, которым была небезразлична моя жизненная позиция — „посвящай себя целиком, но будь готов к неизбежному разрыву“.

Вот, даже приведу цитату: «Philipson frequently compares her patients to the typical housewife of the 1950s whose existence centered on her husband -- and who then was devastated when her husband left her for another woman. "If 100% of your identity is rooted in work, and work turns on you, what are you left with?" she asks. "My patients often say, 'I don't know who I am anymore.' " One woman told her simply, "Work was my life. So when I left my job, I felt that my life was over."» (Betrayed by Work)

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