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[ L ] Целый вебсайт в „одной маленькой коробочке“ // XFML в HTML

Один беспокойный товарищ по имени Zaczek взял и написал XSLT-трансформатор для Ван Дайковского формата XFML, предназначенного для быстрого и удобного распространения (мета-)данных.

From:  "zaczek2004" <hydrozag@p...>
Date:  Sat Jan 31, 2004  11:31 am

Subject:  example of xslt interface to xfml

Hello. I just signed up here. I have been working on an xslt template, which would make it possible to view xfml data on a web page in a convenient way. The result is here:


The xml file is in fact xfml, and it uses a template:
to render the facets as selection fields in a form. Unfortunately right now it only works with Internet Explorer 6 (or lower versions if you have downloaded the MSXML 3.0 or so parser). This is because i still didn't figure out how to use the Document Object Model in Mozilla.

The XSL uses some javascript to react to onChange events of the form. It then replaces the XPATH parameter in the XSLT which looks up for the occurrences of topics and displays them in the right column.

I have been thinking about connecting XFML with XLINKS to render relationships between categories in different XFML schemes. Maybe one day - when XLINKS is implemented in every browser - it will be the most obvious thing... Has anyone worked on that before?


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