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Dasher для наладонника

Появление необходимости в быстрой записи чего-то на лету — хороший повод посмотреть в архивы и вытащить оттуда ссылку на dasher, как раз чтобы убедиться в отсутствии версии под PalmOS.


Is there any version that works with Palm OS?


Several years ago we considered a port to Palm, but at the time, the LCD screens had a poor refresh rate. The scrolling letters/rectangles would be rather blurred. Also, the CPU power of the Palm was not quite sufficient for our needs.

Pocket PC was one of the first platforms to come along with a nice colour TFT screen, so David Ward chose that platform for proof of concept. Pocket PC also has an enormous CPU in order for it to be able to run Microsoft products!

We are aware that Palms have improved now (2002-3). We think it should be easy to port version 3 of dasher to the palm, and we encourage volunteers to get in touch and carry out this port. We hope it will work as well as it works on the pocket PC. Dasher version 3 is free software.

Бесполезный факт
Знаете ли вы, что по данным lj-search в ру-журналах первая ссылка на dasher, оказывается, была дана ещё 11/07/2002.

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