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[ L ] Faster, Stronger, Smarter // The Atlantic

Очередная подборка статей в Атлантик посвящена евгенике и вопросам контролируемого генетического отбора — как изменялись точки зрения и мнения начиная с 1912 года.

We have entered an age in which we are attaining an ever greater ability to replicate and manipulate the genetic code that determines our biology. In the not so distant future, we will likely possess the technology to modify our DNA to make us bigger, faster, stronger, and smarter. But the prospect seems as terrifying as it does exhilarating. Since long before the debut of Dolly the cloned sheep in 1997, genetic research has incited worldwide controversy. At the crux of the biogenetic debate lies the central question: How far should we go to refine humanity through science?

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