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[ Q ] Natural Calamity — dreamy without being narcoleptic

Вот это буквально special for cd_r, очередной пример постмодернистских соединений несоединимого:

Natural Calamity Peach Head (Ideal)

London-based trio Natural Calamity (Japanese musicians Shunji Mori and Kuni Sugimata and British singer Stephanie Heasley) [выделение моё — ubs] are refreshingly difficult to pigeonhole. Their music, electronic but not chillingly so, vaguely psychedelic but lacking the dance focus that would support the trip-hop label (despite the Dust Brothers remix of the slinky "As You Know"), recalls any number of past and current artists but doesn't quite sound like any of them. Portishead, St. Etienne, recent Everything But the Girl, Stereolab, Pizzicato Five, Young Marble Giants, Can, Brian Eno and (especially on the billowing untitled 15-minute instrumental that closes the CD) even Mike Oldfield or Tangerine Dream come to mind, but Natural Calamity have enough personality of their own to keep the comparisons superficial at best.

The overall tone of Peach Head is dreamy without being narcoleptic. A few tracks, such as "Tomorrow" (featuring a gorgeous extended Hawaiian steel guitar solo), float along unencumbered by percussion, while the lazy, tremolo-drenched instrumental "Jessica" bears remarkable resemblance to both the Beatles' "Sun King" and Fleetwood Mac's "Albatross." As a result, even moderately propulsive tracks like "And That's Saying A Lot," which with its echoey slide guitar and Heasley's bluesy vocals eerily resembles a futuristic Bonnie Raitt, have a lulling quality. Peach Head might relax you, but it's consistently interesting enough to keep you from nodding out. ¡¡¡¡

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