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Первое апреля по-бмв-шному

А БМВ, кстати, провели в Британии первое апреля с размахом, судя по упоминанию на Ананове:

Meanwhile, a full-page advert in The Guardian says new technology from BMW means drivers can now cook their dinners from their car as they drive home from work.

The advert for "SHEF technology" says it uses satellite technology to link controls in the car to the driver's oven in their kitchen at home. An "oven-cam" on the car dashboard shows how dinner is doing.

The advert directs readers to a website where the realisation of being duped on April Fool's Day dawns.

Впрочем, учитывая недавно анонсированные планы по довольно масштабному найму разработчиков и тестеров для программного обеспечения, это выглядит и не совсем уж фантастикой, но такой своеобразной „оговоркой по centrala Фрейду“, когда компания шутит о том, что занимает её мысли и находится на „личном фронтире“, как это четыре дня назад произошло с гугл-почтой.

BMW Plans To Hire Up To 500 More Engineers -FT

Dow Jones and Company, Inc.
March 19, 2004 12:00am

Dow Jones News Service via NewsEdge Corporation : NEW YORK -(Dow Jones)- Bayerische Motoren Werke AG (BMW.XE), the German carmaker, plans to hire several hundred electronic and electrical engineers this year as it attempts to improve the reliability of its vehicles, the Financial Times reported Thursday.

BMW's recruitment of 300-500 engineers follows the company's creation of 300 new engineering posts, mostly electronic and electronic specialists, last year, the newspaper said on its Web site.

Auto companies, particularly BMW's arch rival, Daimler-Chrysler AG's (DCX) Mercedes-Benz, have had problems with reliability in their initial use of advanced electronics in their vehicles, the Financial Times said.

The newspaper also noted that BMW's $68,000-$117,000 7-Series vehicle was earlier this month rated by Consumer Reports at the least reliable car after a year on the road in the U.S. .TABLE

Dow Jones Newswires
March 18, 2004 17:17 ET (22:17 GMT)
Dow Jones News Service -- 03/18/04
Copyright ©2004 Dow Jones and Company, Inc.

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