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[ L ] Center for Transpersonal and Consciousness Studies

Today scientists, psychologists, managers, and other leaders in the system are discovering that the world exists with both order and disorder side by side. We are finding that our very observation affects the outcomes of our own examinations. These effects have caused us to stop and examine what consciousness actually is and how it functions. Philosophy has attempted on several occasions to answer these questions based on theoretical logic. The difference between a philosophical model and the model that we here at Akamai provide is simply this: we are concerned with how consciousness, transpersonal consciousness, and transpersonal psychology interact and integrate with everyday experience. In this way we hope to build programs that not only allow the scientific exploration, but how that exploration actually affects you life, the human condition, and the world at large.

Recognition of these studies is based on the idea that we, as human beings, are having a human experience, and that that experience influences our comprehension and interaction with other consciousnesses existing on this planet. We have too long attempted to place people in molds that simply can no longer contain them. We have at one time considered humans to be clocks – that apparently wear down over time, machines –that can be moved and replaced like cogs in a greater machine, or computers – that sees our knowledge as a basic input, storage, and retrieval system. Each of the methodologies has given us both freedom and limitations. They have given us freedom to interact in the world by modeling the world itself and placing that model over the brain, the mind, and the nervous system of the individual. They have limited us by ignoring the designs, artists, and creators that do not fit the model of the time.

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