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[ L ] Constructions of the mind

Constructions of the Mind: Artificial Intelligence and the Humanities
A special issue edited by Stefano Franchi and Güven Güzeldere

The Volume 4, issue 2 of the Stanford Humanities Review is devoted to the exploration of convergences and dissonances between Artificial Intelligence and the Humanities.

Güven Güzeldere and Stefano Franchi, Philosophy, Stanford University,
Mindless Mechanisms, Mindful Constructions: an Introduction
Philip E. Agre, Communications, University of California at San Diego,
The Soul Gained and Lost: Artificial Intelligence as Philosophical Project
Bruce Mazlish, Department of History, MIT,
The man-machine and artificial intelligence
Geneviève Teil and Bruno Latour, Ecole des Mines de Paris, France,
The Hume Machine: Can Association Networks Do More Than Formal Rules?
H M Collins, School of Social Sciences, University of Bath, UK,
AI and the Structure of Knowledge
Michael Johnson, English Department, Kansas University,
Expert Systems, Semioclasm and Apeironic Education
Douglas R. Hofstadter, Computer and Cognitive Science, Indiana University,
On Seeing A's and Seeing As
Margaret Boden, Cognitive Science, Sussex University, England,
Computers and Unpredictability
Harold Cohen, Art, University of California, San Diego,
The further exploits of Aaron, painter
Güven Güzeldere and Stefano Franchi, Philosophy, Stanford University,
Dialogues with colorful "personalities" of early AI
Stephen Wilson, Art Department, San Francisco State University,
Artificial Intelligence Research as Art
Serge Sharoff, Artificial Intelligence Institute, Moscow, Russia,
Cognitive Science as Philosophy
Maurizio Matteuzzi, Dipartimento di Filosofia, Università di Bologna,
Why Artificial Intelligence is not a Science
Tom Burke, Department of Philosophy, Stanford University,
Dance Floor Blues: The Case for a Social AI
James Fetzer, Department of Philosophy, University of Minnesota at Duluth ,
Minds and Machines: Behaviorism, Dualism and Beyond
Alain M. Rieu, Maison Franco-Japonaise and University of Tokyo,
The Epistemological and Philosophical Situation of Mind Techno-Science
Francisco Varela, CREA, Paris,
Heinz von Foerster, the scientist, the man
Stefano Franchi, Güven Güzeldere and Eric Minch, Stanford University,
Interview with Heinz von Foerster
Heinz von Foerster, Pescadero, California,
Ethics and Second-order Cybernetics

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