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Контекст данных ссылок по Джойсу:

James Joyce and Marcel Proust, perhaps the two greatest writers of the twentieth century, struggled to make language transcend itself. Joyce's "Ulysses" and "Finnegans Wake" carry multimedia undertones. Joyce was fascinated by cinema. In 1909 he tried setting up the first chain of movie theaters in Ireland; alas, not being much of a businessman, his venture failed. The nighttown sequence in "Ulysses" is an attempt to fuse literature with cinema. Readers are walked through a surreal, tactilely visual mindspace. "Finnegans Wake" violently soups up printed text. In the reader's mind words explode into images and sounds. Marcel Proust's "Remembrance of Things Past" serves as a virtual reconstruction. To write it Proust cloistered himself in a cork-lined room, allowed memories to overtake him. His sentences positively ripple, veer toward a truth at the edge of text, beyond language, as past events three-dimensionally enmesh themselves within the thread of his thoughts. Today "Remembrance of Things Past" would take the form of an ultimate home page, incorporating text, graphics, scanned photographs and paintings, audio, video, etc.

-- TED NELSON by Peter Schmideg

Лирическое о.
Джорн Бэргер молодец, но вот с точки зрения редактирования это всё — безумие полнейшее, так как, без сервисов поиска/сортировки внутри документа, без различных внутренних организационных моделей, это всё должно требовать грандиозных затрат на редактирование и перемоделирование, если таковое потребуется. Жуть.

Вернее, не столько жуть, сколько стандартная ситуация „глаза боятся, а руки — не для скуки“, когда работать может не хотеться и сознание честно предупреждает: „это невозможно“, а шило в разных частях тела всё равно вертится, да веселее и задорнее, прикрикивая „Давай! Навались, братва! Ну и шо, шо авианосец! Не взлетим — так поплаваем!“

А Питеры Шмидеги, судя по гуглу — наши люди: тут тебе и The Peter Schmideg Company is a consultancy with a focus on enhancing organisational performance - at individual and group level (Caulfied, Victoria, Australia 3161), и New York City based Peter Schmideg is a man of innumerable talents. He has been an actor, playwright, screenwriter, film director, radio host/producer and now new media artist.

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