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[ L ] Urban Probes

Urban Probes employ a series of lightweight provocative urban proto-tasks to inspire direct discussion from people about their current and emerging public urban landscape. These tasks involve physical construction of simple, functional artifacts and accouterments that are introduced into the urban landscape. Contrary to traditional methodologies surrounding large scale research projects, each Urban Probe is designed to bypass many classical design approaches. Opting instead for a rapid, nimble, often intentional encroachments on an urban place rather than following a series of typical design cycles.

Urban Probes must capture provocative elements of Urban Computing research questions while incorporating opportunities for play, Happenings, and various Situationists themes such as détournement (rerouting of events and images), and dérive (the urban flow of acts and encounters).

Small is good — потому что это можно сделать быстро, не раздумывая. Скорость событий такова, что и по мелочам, и, изредка, по-крупному, выигрывает тот, кто делает много мелких проектов, и делает это постоянно.

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