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[ Q ] Working for myself

Обычные будни ИА:

Today was the first day of "work" since I quit my job and decided to start working for myself.

I spend the morning evaluating PHP classes for use in a project I'm starting up - no point in re-inventing the wheel. I found a user authentication class I like (although it lacks a "remember me" feature - I'll just program that in myself) and I may have decided on a simple templating class I want to use (Smarty's not good for this site). In the afternoon I did some design work in Dreamweaver for the admin section of this project (it's a web-based service).

Working for myself is a LOT of fun. I think it'll last. I can decide what I feel like working on (I have a long to-do list). And I feel I actually made some progress today.

Это Ван Дийк ушёл со своего бывшего места работы в пользу свободного полёта. Хорошо ему, с таким-то бэкграундом.

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