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[ L ] Самая лучшая закладка — это...

На слэшдоте опрос проводят по поводу того, что является самой лучшей закладкой — среди вариантов открытки, чеки, суперобложки и другие приятные вещи (в том числе загнутые углы). Но нерды — они ведь везде нерды. Так что как только появился товарищ с вариантом „я просто запоминаю номер страницы“ (мой вариант, кстати, так как я всегда где-то теряю закладки, и мне проще два-три раза посмотреть перед закрытием книги на номер страницы), так сразу и понеслась душа в рай:

You do know that binary search takes O(log n) time, while with a pointer you can get to the page in O(1) time?

If he has an index into the array then he doesn't need to binary-search it.

Binary search is easiest - the data is already in tree form. Hah.

That's assuming that you can skip forward (or back) an arbitrary number of pages with some precision - which can be tricky. But what really matters is that if you know roughly how many pages the book has, you can jump directly to roughly the right page. And anyhow, log2(the number of pages in a book) is usually a small number, at least compared with the time you lose if you drop your bookmark once in a while. And as for the problem of not recalling what page you were on: if you can't binary search (ah, look, a good use for that algorithm) to where you left off based on the contents of the book, you should probably re-read the book anyway.

Please accept my apologies for the pointlessness of this post.

I find when I drop a bookmark I can find my place fairly easily by letting the book fall open and seeing where it wants to open to. Being the most recently stressed part of the spine, it will open near where I was reading. Of course, this only works well on freshly purchased books being read for the first time.

Ah, but were you on the left or right page? And which paragraph were you on? Most importantly,l which book were you reading?

See, your system realy doesn't work that well. I always use a thick black marker and expurgate each word after I read it. This has two important effects.
1) I always know exactly where I left off, and
2) The books are useless in the black market "used book trade". The intelectual prfoperty of the author is preserved.

I encourage all patriotic capitalists to do the same.

Безумные, безумные люди.

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