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[ QU ] An Evil Toe

Oh, and here's another story about Isaac I really like:

Every week my wife takes him to a nearby nature center where he learns about all sorts of things, including rocks, bugs, birds, and - on one occasion - the phases of the moon. At the end of this class, the teacher handed out a black-and-white line drawing of the moon and asked the kids color it.

Walking around the classroom, the teacher was pleased to see so many kids using their yellow crayons to color the drawing. When she reached Isaac's desk, though, she stopped and looked concerned. You see, rather than carefully coloring the moon, Isaac had grabbed a handful of crayons and attacked the drawing with random slashes of brown, green, gray and purple. The puzzled teacher asked him what he was doing, and Isaac - clearly happy with his creation - replied that he was drawing the inside of the moon.

I'm happy to report, too, that my three-year-old daughter, Hannah, likewise shows plenty of signs of thinking for herself. Not too long ago she was gleefully drawing a picture which looked sort of - but not entirely - like someone's foot. I sat down next to her and asked what she was drawing, and she grinned and replied, "an evil toe!" then started laughing maniacally.

Okay, so maybe that's more cause for alarm than hope, but I'm still proud of her.

Это из блога Ника Брэдбери, автора TopStyle и FeedFemon. Мой голос за то, что Злой Палец — это просто-таки история недели, но про „внутренности Луны“ получилось тоже замечательно.

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