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[ L ] Writing Well on the Web

Хороший материал Writing Well on the Web. Основной блок построен на трёх „S“: scannable, short, segmented. Проще говоря — предобработка контента для более эффективного и быстрого потребления. Хорошая и краткая врезка:

Good Writing is Good Writing

These best practices haven't changed in generations:

  • Write with a goal in mind: making a point, teaching or advising, answering a question, prompting an action.
  • Write clearly, concisely, and consistently in the right tone for your audience.
  • Write with carefully chosen details and examples.
  • Write with zero tolerance for errors
  • Write engagingly. No one likes being bored.

И очень достойная подборка ссылок по теме.

  • TechnoFile: Writing Well on the Web: Hardly anybody really likes reading online. No surprise there, since so many websites are so poorly written. Here are easy ways to make your Web words more reader-friendly.

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