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[ L ] 36 советов по работе с MySQL

Краткое содержание:

  1. Find out who is doing what, and kill the process if needed.
  2. Clean up binary log files.
  3. Can the order of the columns in a create statement make a difference? (Hint: timestamps)
  4. Connect, create table and select with Perl (Linux).
  5. Remove duplicate entries.
  6. Show status information on a table.
  7. Transactions: Not all table types support transactions.
  8. MERGE: Several tables can be merged into one.
  9. Updating foreign keys in a multiuser environment.
  10. Monitor port 3306
  11. Create a C or C++ API
  12. Connect and Select from Java
  13. Print defaults for the current client connection
  14. Quick Status
  15. "error: 1016: Can't open file:"
  16. Finding records that do not match between two tables.
  17. Getting a random roll of the dice
  18. Creating and using your own password file.
  19. Order in the count
  20. Installation: configured for encryption, C API, and user defined functions.
  21. Getting 1 matching row from an OUTER join
  22. Getting a virtual row count.
  23. Computing running and sliding aggregates.
  24. What commands were executed? Reading the log files.
  25. Setting the binary log file.
  26. Free articles and tutorials on normalization.
  27. Adding and Compiling a User-Defined function.
  28. Loading Data into Tables from Text Files.
  29. Referential Integrity with InnoDB tables.
  30. Is it Possible to do Incremental Backups? And is it possible to restore changes for only one user?
  31. Getting XML and HTML output (from the shell).
  32. Views? Can you do a "create view" in MySQL?
  33. Spatial Extensions - MySQL 4.1 supports spatial extensions.
  34. Creating Tables for Spatial Extensions.
  35. Difficult Column Names, Like `DATE` -- use backtick.
  36. LONGWINDED SQL Characteristic Functions

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