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[ L ] Мировое господство для блондинок // SoYouWanna write a business plan?

Maybe if you ask really nicely, a really rich person would give you tons of money so that you can start your own business. Yup. And while you're visiting Fantasyland, you might as well ask for a piece of moon cheese. No one, we repeat, no one will give you money if they think it's going to tank. So you have to convince'em that your business is going to be a rousing success. That's where a business plan comes in.

Unlike Chihuahuas and those little paper umbrellas they put in Singapore Slings, business plans have two major purposes in life:

  1. To provide you, the entrepreneur, with a detailed roadmap to Successville as you make your new venture grow.
  2. To convince people who have lots of money that you're the sort of person on whom they may confidently unload it.

We've put together a pile of essential advice and links to take some of the legwork out of wowing your creditors-to-be. With luck, intelligence, charm, experience, connections, and a little help from SoYouWanna.com, soon you'll be raking in dough as though it were scum on the bottom of your Olympic-sized pool. Filled with beer.

One last note: we're assuming that you have at least a tiny bit of knowledge about the business world. You're not setting up a lemonade stand; you're trying to get people to invest serious money in your business.

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