:: urbansheep (urbansheep) wrote,
:: urbansheep

О примитивном датамайнинге // О хранении данных без названий


Johnny woke up to the sound of typing. His first thought was the same as his first thought every morning: "Where am I?" In my room, good. Now who's typing on my computer? The events of the previous night replayed quickly in his mind. Tinka. He opened his eyes: "Whatcha doing?"

She was sitting naked at his desk, the second bottle of wine half-empty between her knees: "Reading your Internet history files."

Like a shot, Johnny was bolt upright in his bed: "What?!"

"Don't get your panties in a bunch," Tinka laughed, "Best way in the world to get to know someone, saves us a lot of trouble. You shouldn't talk about drugs on MSN though, and you certainly shouldn't track your drug-dealing profits in a spreadsheet."

Defensive now, Johnny said: "It's not like I labeled the columns Cocaine and Marijuana."

"Yeah, but what else could it possibly be. Four hundred units at two dollars fifty purchased. Thirty-one units overhead. Three hundred and sixty nine units at five dollars sold. Eight hundred and forty-five dollars gross profits. Good luck convincing a judge you're talking about magazine subscriptions."


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