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[ L ] LIQUID: Idea as Interface // Concentric Navigation


With the Liquid software, produced by Karl Scherer, thecrystalweb° is attempting to integrate the contemporary version of this old idea of the museum into the global search engine of the internet. Liquid is an alternative experimental approach to collections of various objects, stories and myths, an attempt to allow the muses, the nine goddesses of the arts and sciences, to move back into the museum.

Liquid is an invitation to extended rambling through the multi-media knowledge landscape, to frequent visits where the surprising and unknown can always be anticipated. You find things you were perhaps not even looking for, blaze new trails and follow your associations. The individual exhibits always appear in a new light in a network of their relationships and light up in the flashes of inspiration of the viewer.


LIQUID: Idea as Interface

Тонкими линиями очень напоминает, во-первых, I/O/D, а во-вторых TheBrain и Visual Thesaurus.

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