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Блокноты умерли, да здравствуют блокноты: Focus Journal // Кимбро наносит ответный удар

После написания своей знаменитой нерд-поэмы „Как расписать каждую свою мысль“, Лайен Кимбро успешно пришёл к выводу „нафиг надо такое“, и вывел отличную и более ориентированную на эффективность концепцию: Фокус-журнал.


The NoteBook is a standard journal. That is, it is a dated, chronological, sequence of entries.

The journal is for a purpose.

Here's what you do:

  • Keep track of progress towards some aim. Monitor your focus, monitor your results.
  • Write objects of fixation for reflection.

Conventions you follow:

  • Write for yourself, not your biographer.
    • That is, use acronyms that you are familiar with.
    • Assume your own knowledge. Don't explain things for "the reader."
  • Draw diagrams.
    • You should have a roughly 50-80% ratio of diagrams to words. That is, about 80% of your page mass should be diagram.
    • Study VisualLanguage, so that you can make high InformationDensity MultiVariate diagrams that empower thought and attract attention.
    • Learn to Draw, Learn to Diagram, Learn to Map, Learn to Cartoon.
      • I recommend MichaelErickson's tutorial, which takes all of about 30 minutes to complete.
  • Write clearly.
    • Work by scratch paper to collect thoughts & write fast & ugly.
    • Then transcribe key diagrams and notes.
    • Do it nicely. Write nice.
    • Throw away the scratch paper.

No-No admonishments:

  • Don't keep anything that has low InformationDensity.
  • Don't keep anything that distracts the attention.
  • No "LabNotes"- lengthy notes on projects, details.
  • No DailyToDoLists
  • Don't be overly concerned with dates. Pointless.
  • It's not an AddressBook.
    • You want a real address book or pocket computer for that.
    • Part of the whole purpose of the focus notebook is to build focus. As such, we want to seperate it from the more mundane things in our life.
    • That said, you can tolerate a bit of carrying names and numbers in the book; It's inevitable that you'd want to do so, since you'd be carrying this book around with you everywhere you go.
  • Absolutely not: "I'm bored." "I ate a sandwich." ... & other unimportant stuff.
  • Don't write everything because you're afraid you'll "lose" it. Stick with main ideas. The reconstructive power of the human mind is extraordinary.

The No-No admonishments are just as important as the affirmative statements.


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