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[ L ] Journal of Knowledge Management

Благородные товарищи из Journal of Knowledge Management выложили в свободный доступ материалы трёх последних номеров. Разумеется, недолго думая, они были утащены к нам в архив, чтобы потом не было недоразумений.

Оглавление можно посмотреть ниже, вместе со ссылкой на отзеркаленный архив.

Journal of Knowledge Management / Volume 8 / 2004

Number 4
Special Issue: Real time/concurrent knowledge
Guest Editor(s) Syed Z. Shariq

  • The architecture and design of the knowledge organization
  • Critical issues in research on real-time knowledge management in enterprises
  • Knowledge and performance in action
  • Group cognition as a basis for supporting group knowledge creation and sharing
  • Knowledge architectures for cultural narratives
  • Enabling knowledge creation in far-flung teams: best practices for IT support and knowledge sharing
  • From sashimi to zen-in: the evolution of concurrent engineering at Fuji Xerox
  • Technology challenges for the global real-time enterprise

Number 3

  • Knowledge management strategies: a multi-case study
  • Knowledge-related asymmetries in strategic alliances
  • Understanding organizational capabilities: towards a conceptual framework
  • Characterizing knowledge management in the small business environment
  • Informal network players, knowledge integration, and competitive advantage
  • Multi-level complexity in the management of knowledge networks
  • Social context and social capital as enablers of knowledge integration
  • Critical attributes of organizational culture that promote knowledge management technology implementation success
  • Job-related knowledge sharing: comparative case studies
  • Applying knowledge management principles to enhance cross-functional team performance

Number 2

  • Establishing a global KM initiative: the Wipro story
  • The future of knowledge management: an international delphi study
  • Reconfiguring knowledge management - combining intellectual capital, intangible assets and knowledge creation
  • Managing knowledge work: specialization and collaboration of engineering problem-solving
  • Coordination of technological knowledge flows in firms
  • The reward effect: a case study of failing to manage knowledge
  • Facilitating knowledge sharing in Russian and Chinese subsidiaries: the role of personal networks and group membership
  • Knowledge management in a public organization: a study on the relationship between organizational elements and the performance of knowledge transfer
  • Improving the use of know-how in organizations by reconciling enablers and contributors
  • The diffusion of tacit knowledge and its implications on information systems: the role of meta-abilities

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