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[ Q ] Когнитивная перегрузка, превращающаяся в баланс // Амбидекстры — наш идеал


Steve Neiderhauser: How to Think like Leonardo...

When Michelangelo was working on the Sistine Chapel, he astounded observers by switching his paintbrush from one hand to the other as he worked. Leonardo, a natural left-hander, cultivated this same ambidexterity and regularly switched hands when working on The Last Supper and other masterpieces. When I interviewed Professor Raymond Dart and asked him for his recommendations on the development of human potential, he responded, “Balance the body, balance the brain. The future lies with the ambidextrous human!”

In business, it's important to employ ambidextrous employees -- people who have business and technology skills. For they can imagine the future. If you don't employ multi-talented professionals, you lose out on business oportunities that cannot be imagined by the linear worker.


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