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[ Q ] Вкус слова, как основа экспириенса

И вот ещё хорошая ссылка по поводу передачи эмоций, ощущений в словах, с образностью достаточной, чтобы увлечь человека.


Steve Neiderhauser: Smooth as honey

Kare Anderson, a California communication expert, pens "Speak English Like it Tastes Good." Her article showcases the benefits of technicolor language.

Whoever most vividly characterizes a situation or person usually determines how others see it, discuss it, and decide on it. If your description is more interesting than another's, even if that person has more money, smarts, or power to push his message, others are more likely to recall and repeat yours. Even those who disagree are likely to use your description as they talk about their disagreement. Think how influential you are when you thus speak English like it tastes good.

Language is a model -- it represents our thoughts. Moving from the abstract to the concrete (the 3D-world) helps people experience your ideas. The admonition "Show, don't tell." applies to language, models, and stories.


Очень, исключительно вовремя.

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