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[ L ] Pop-up stores: here today, gone tomorrow


For many months, the large retail space at the corner of the Rudolfplatz here was just another empty storefront, further evidence of Germany's economic malaise.

But residents walking by this month did a double take. In the storefront that until January had housed an Italian department store, MTV, Sony Ericsson, Adidas and Levi's had set up a sleek white display space, offering limited-edition mobile phones, jeans and other hipster gear. Within six days, it was gone.

The "pop-up" store, a cooperative effort among the four brands, was the mainstream mutation of a marketing strategy used successfully by fashion labels like Comme des Garcons in recent years. The "guerrilla stores," which have appeared from Los Angeles to Berlin to Tokyo, stay open for a limited time, sometimes a week, sometimes a year. The buzz they generate beats any public relations campaign and shakes up traditional methods of reaching customers, retail specialists say.

"Everybody's been looking for something new in retail because it's become really boring," said Russ Miller, a former public relations manager and magazine editor who founded the seminal guerrilla store Vacant. "And we kind of create a more inspiring environment."


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