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[ L ] Do-It-Yourself GTD Planner v1.0

Вот и вышел, как было обещано, „релиз“ шаблонов для распечатки и превращения блокнота в самодельный планнер под названием Do-It-Yourself GTD Planner в исполнении Дугласа Джонстона (Douglas Johnston).


Version 1.0 of the DIY Planner package includes a dozen pages of information (in HTML) on how to buy a 5.5″x8.5″ planner, save a bundle on templates/forms, find accessories, set up your organiser GTD-style, and more. The included 28-page PDF file contains a number of double-sided templates including:

  • GTD Diagrams (resized and rotated from originals found at www.davidco.com – see the HTML file for exact links)
  • Next Actions
  • Waiting For
  • Agendas
  • Project Outline (new layout)
  • Objectives
  • Contact Log
  • Someday/Maybe
  • To Do List
  • Notes
  • Covey Quadrant
  • Brainstorm
  • Story Idea
  • To Buy (new)

Be sure to read the instructions, as they give plenty of information on how to print, cut, punch and use the templates. A minimum of office supplies are needed (primarily a 3-hole punch and a guillotine), but you can purchase them at most department stores for about $25 USD if you don’t already have them.


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