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[ L ] The In-game Economics of Ultima Online

А теперь можно ненавязчиво скинуть сюда и попавшую в сети delicious ссылку на исследование внутреннего экономического устройства Ультимы Он-лайн пятилетней давности.


Why Do People Play?

To understand the economy of Ultima Online, one should first consider why people engage in this economy at all. In other worlds, why do people play Ultima Online? The answers to this are, of course, complicated. Consider the disposition of at least four broad categories of players proposed by Bartle2.

  • Socializers enjoy talking and role-playing with other players. For them, the game is merely a setting; goods and services are just tools which help provide mood and context in role-playing.
  • Killers enjoy doing things to people. The game provides a world where their actions are legitimized. The goods and services available in the economy are tools used to increase their power and skill.
  • Achievers are interested in fame and glory. They want to achieve the highest status or overcome the latest challenge. The economy may not only provide needed goods and services to an achiever, but also provide goals such as becoming the richest character or owning the largest house.
  • Explorers want to discover the finer points of the game. They will explore every profession, skill, and items. To explorers, the economy is an impediment which prevents them from playing with all the toys.


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