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[ Q ] LiveJournal куплен Six Apart


I've been dying to post about this but I haven't been able to until now. We just had to finish up the legal stuff and make sure everything was signed before we could make it all official.

Six Apart bought LiveJournal!

We're all psyched about this, and I know you guys all have some questions, so I'll try to preemptively answer them. Based on the comments we get, we'll be posting more and more clarification posts until everybody understands what's up.


Основной идеей анонса Брэда Фитцпатрика является то, что „ничего не изменится“, и всё будет по-прежнему функционировать также, как было заведено в ЛЖ в последние годы. Второй основной идеей является, что „мы не просто продались, мы стали сильнее“, включая главную (для нас) новость о том, что масштабируемый trackback уже на подходе.

Мои впечатления от Six Apart подмочены скандалом вокруг третьей версии Movable Type, в которой они ушли от опен-сорса (перелицензировав продукт), и в релизе Фитцпатрика видны дальнейшие следы этого „закрытия активов в стиле Six Apart“:


Will LiveJournal stay open source?
The parts that are open source now will of course remain open source... And some new stuff that's infrastructure-related will probably also be released open source. We're all definitely pushing for it, and Six Apart "gets it" when it comes to open source. Of course there will be some closed parts... there are already some now. What I personally feel is important is making sure the infrastructure guts are available, so other people building new, creative websites will be able to focus on the fun stuff and not shelling out lots of money to commercial vendors for basic things like storage and load balancing.


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