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[ L ] AskJeeves покупает Bloglines


How will joining Ask Jeeves benefit Bloglines users?

By becoming a member of the Ask Jeeves family, we'll be able to enhance and expand the aggregation and blogging services we provide. For example, we are immediately incorporating Ask Jeeves' Teoma 3.0 Search algorithm into our service, which will allow us to improve the relevancy of our search results and expand the scope of our index. Going forward, we expect our members to benefit in many additional ways, including: access to a variety of service enhancements, a greater selection of new blog and news feed content, a larger audience for news feed and blog publishers, and more services for our international members.


А AskJeeves сейчас владеет следующими брендами: Ask Jeeves, AJinteractive, Ask.com, Teoma, My Way, My Search, My Web Search, iWon, Excite. И медленно, но верно, судя по двиэению, встраивается в массовый рынок, отвоёвывая обратно через Блоглайнс и MyWay ту аудиторию, которая лет пять назад была у горизонтального портала Excite и при этом развивая потихоньку Теому.


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