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[ Q ] Невидимый фотограф

О, как хорошо, и как резонирует!


... Act exactly as you would without a camera, but take a lot of pictures. Walk in. Be casual. Talk to the people. Engage in the scene or situation. And take pictures. At first, they will notice you. Someone might ask you what you're about. If you're friendly, up-front, and have an explanation for what you're about, nobody will be upset. Those who don't want to be photographed will let you know they don't want to be photographed, and it should be a point of honor for you to respect their wishes. The rest will chat with you or ignore you. Most will in fact ignore you, if only because only a limited number of people can chat with you at one time. By the time you're on your third roll of film (or the digital equivalent thereof), your photographic activities will be totally ignored. You will have become the "invisible photographer" -- with the added reassurance of having given camera-shy people the chance of letting you know they don't want to be photographed.


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