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[ L ] iPod's Dirty Secret


In October of 2003 the battery in Casey's $300 iPod MP3 player died. Apple Computer, the MP3 player's manufacturer, informed Casey that the company does not offer a replacement battery and the only option they offered was for him to purchase a new iPod. Casey was not aware of this policy prior to his personal inquiry and after some discussion with Van the Neistat Brothers took it upon themselves to better inform consumers about it. The three minute film, iPod's Dirty Secret, was posted online in late November of 2003. In six weeks the film had been downloaded a over million times. The controversy surrounding the film has been covered by over 130 sources globally including; The Washington Post, Rolling Stone Magazine, The Daily Yomiuri in Japan, The China Post as well as Fox News, CBS News, and the BBC. The Neistat Brothers also have been credited with inadvertently initiated five class action law suits against Apple Computers for misrepresenting claims of the battery life in its iPod digital music player. The production of the film iPod's Dirty Secret cost roughly $40.


Отлично. Просто отлично. „So Apple does not offer a battery for the iPod? — No, 'cause the battery's internal. It's not...“


originally flickred by urbansheep.


After we finished production of the film, Apple began offerring a battery replacement program for the ipod for a fee of $99 and an extended warranty for the ipod for $59.

We acknowledge Apple's new battery replacement policy. Our movie is a documentation of our experience.



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