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[ L ] Факты о Китае


  • 200 cities with more than 1 million citizens
  • 140.000 students graduating from university this year
  • 7 major language groups (with over 8000 dialects)
  • 56 ethnic groups
  • 200 million Muslims (that’s two thirds the total U.S. population)
  • Generally not very homogeneous, more multi-cultural than US
  • The UN predict that by 2007 Chinese will pass English to become the #1 language on the internet
  • "Thaksinomics" (after Thaksin Shinawatra, PM) on "Bangkok Fashion City": Managed Asset Reflation (add to brand value of Thai textiles by demonstrating flair and design excellence)
  • In China there are 250.000 millionaires
  • China really never did any offensive wars, except for in Vietnam. That might be an excellent point proving that they won't touch Taiwan.
  • All superpowers in history has had one thing in common and that is the ambition to rule and dominate. China doesn't seem to have that ambition and that might be the reason why they'll never become a real superpower.


Задача на следующие две пятилетки — учить китайский в дополнение к русскому и английскому, которыми я хоть кое-как уже умею пользоваться.


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