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Mapping Hacks Case // Заключительная часть Марлезонского балета

Пришёл ответ от Амазона:


Thank you for contacting Amazon.com.

If the review you are speaking of was your own customer review that you posted at Amazon.com, youhave th right to post the review as you see fit.

When a customer posts a review to our site, the customer is granting us the nonexclusive right to use the review. This means that once a review is submitted to our site, the review is ours to use as we see fit for as long as we wish. As this license is non-exclusive, the customer who has written the review can also use the review as he or she sees fit. The review can be included in a book or posted on another site.

If you are speaking of the editorial review, you cannot use this on any other website.


Тему, очевидно, можно считать исчерпанной. Вывод для меня — вместо кусков обзоров с Амазона надо класть переводы этих кусков, или их вольные интерпретации.


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