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[ L ] Статья Курта Клонингера на тему Conceptual Art sucks

MISC(ING) -- Conceptual Art Sucks by Curt Cloninger @ spark-online.com
скрато у eril

"Conceptual art is 'pure' art!" the conceptual artist blithely boasts. "We have escaped the confines of media-assisted communication. We are now trafficking in the realm of pure thought, mind to mind." Digital conceptual artists are the worst, because they further muck up their theory with pedantic odes to the binary muse, the ethereal cloud of information, the uber-cyber-mind, and all that other extropian garbledy-goop.

Проще говоря, эстетика garbage, хай-тек, пятна Роршаха и прочая ерунда без смысла совершенно бездарны и никчёмны. Новость, да. Но мы-то с вами знали всё это и раньше, правда?

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