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Feature Karma

If you are suffering from CreepingFeaturitis or, even worse, feature bloat, you have bad feature karma. Thus, when your fingers urge you to add yet another feature, you have to delete or simplify an existing one to balance the feature karma.

If you believe the perfect computer is off and in a landfill (as do I), then you can easily understand this philosophy. Also, if you're working on building a community, the fewer acrobatics you have your constituents perform, the better.

Taken another way, often, the simplest code makes for the best communities because people can grok the behaviour faster. This is because, over time, people slowly reverse engineer the scripts in their head in some way.

If you are allowed few rules, you will make them good and powerful rules. Then, since there are only a few rules, people will learn them all and figure out interesting ways to combine them. This is how JimCoplien discovered : == block quote and CliffordAdams figured out how to pluralize LinkPatterns. [Locally the block quote rule is just a : character (at the start of any line), and the plural LinkPattern rule has changed.]

This is in the same vein as the sage writing advice: You are not done editing until you are left with a blank page.

Keep it simple. Keep it powerful.

Супер, по-моему. Отсюда: http://usemod.com/cgi-bin/mb.pl?FeatureKarma


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