June 26th, 2004


IBM-PWC acquisition // С опозданием на два года

Интересно, как я мог проворонить приобретение Прайсвотерхауз-Куперсов (PWC) тельняшечниками-Айбиэмами (IBM)? Про работу MS и Accenture я что-то краем уха слышал (и даже не „что-то“, а довольно немало, хотя и без подробностей), но про то, что PWC была приобретена IBM — нет.

А там ведь интересно получилось:

  1. How on earth was IBM able to buy PWCC for only $3.5 billion when only a year or so ago HP tried to buy it for $18 billion and failed?

    We’d guess you could hum a few bars of “Oh, what a difference a year makes...” And it does – in market caps, in company evaluations, and in how greedy PWC might feel, as the entire accounting industry goes through its post-Enron reconfiguration.

  2. How was IBM able to do a deal in about two weeks? We’d say “smart IBM” for recognizing a bargain and being ready to move so quickly. We suspect, however, that this isn’t the first time that IBM’s thought of buying PWC. So they may have had lots of investigation and how-to-integrate thinking already on-the-shelf and ready to re-use.

  3. And what happens now? That’s the interesting question.

    Look for IBM to increase its business in business process consulting, in enterprise applications (ERP, CRM, and SCM), and in vertical markets where PWC had particular expertise. Of course there will be some overlaps and rearrangements. (IBM, for example, intends to take some PWC staff and put them into its outsourcing operation.)

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