October 24th, 2004


[ Q ] Намерение не есть действие // Пять лягушек на бревне


One of his [Lewis Jaffe's] slides started out as a question. "If there are five frogs on a log and four decide to jump off, how many frogs remain on the log." Of course - the instinctive answer of "one" is wrong. Five frogs actually remain on the log, as deciding to jump and jumping are different things.

In an entrepreneurial context, intentionality is important, but results are what really matter. Lewis reinforced this in a memorable way - as the point he was making is "just because you decide, doesn't mean you do." He stressed that one of the main problems he sees early in his tenure as CEO of a company that is failing is paralysis - everyone has ideas about what to do, but no one is willing or able to do them.

Remember - just because a frog decides to jump, doesn't mean he will. Be careful not to confuse intentionality with results in your business (or your life.)


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  • Why can't we get anything done? „Companies often confuse talking with doing. They think that talking about doing something is the same thing as doing it! That planning is the same as doing. That giving presentations is the same as doing. That making reports is the same as doing. Or even that making a decision to do something is the same as doing it. All of those errors occur with alarming regularity in companies today.“

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