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Education is an important endeavor to pursue. First of all, it means that you have to study for a lifetime (otherwise your students can easily get ahead of you). Secondly, it means that you get to cheat your own eventual obsolescence by being an active part of the pool of evolving knowledge of a school. Third and most important, it means that you can pay back the lifelong debt to some teacher or mentor out there that gave you the spirit of hope when you needed it most. To me, education is the highest form of intellectual philanthropy.

Experimentation is also an important endeavor to pursue. You can be an experimental educator of course, but you should also be an avid experimentor in your own work. Experiments can take the form of something exotic, but they do not necessarily have to be of an outlandish nature. Often the most obvious experiment is the most difficult to perform. I believe that students have the luxury of doing daily experimentation. I try to make it clear how great a privilege students have. I regret that some do not understand until only after their time runs out.

There are few great educators out there. If you can't find one, don't be surprised. And don't give up. Technology has caused a serious disruption in our academic system. Students usually know many times more than teachers when it comes to technology. This is not natural. But do not give up hope.

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