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I can't tell you why it happens, but it just is as that.

Rarely, oh so rarely it's like a switch happens inside of the fingers, that turns you on and makes you seek for attention and care in yourself, praying to find warmth and tenderness, finding it burried in no closer but your alterego, and then it holds you, wraps its arms around your shoulders, You can feel it hug you and this makes you feel thrilled with his - your own and you realize it - love and passion to yourself.

It is very calming, reassuring and tender feeling indeed which one can (I am not in the position to advise and say "one should...") treasure to keep for himself. While befriending yourself is a rare thing and loving yourself is even more rare, literally exquisite and... Ah, well... There's no better last resort than these two feelings. Love and friendship of yours are the ones that you have and may have at any time and in any case. You stay with yourself.

Savour these emotions. Taste and dissolve them in yourself. Dive in.
May it be your very own shenanigan of narcissism to stay in shape.

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