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[ L ] Photoshop Tennis: Surfstation vs PixelSurgeon

[ » ] Photoshop Tennis: Surfstation vs PixelSurgeon

Комментирует сам Зельдман!

Pregame Analysis
It's the battle of the Design Portal Titans! In the near corner, masked, scrubbed, and sharpening their instruments, it's those doctors of Dreamweaver, those mad medics of mayhem, Jason Arber and Richard May of Pixelsurgeon.

In the far corner, ready to give the terrible twosome as good as he gets, it's that guru of grunge, that sultan of softcore, that Dark Lord of the dropdown menu, Sir Thomas of Surfstation.

We haven't seen this kind of hot, two-on-one action since that night in Morocco. Make no mistake: there's going to be a brawl in this establishment, it's going to get uglier than Pixelsurgeon's HTML Source, and the headlines it makes will not be set in 9px anti-aliased bitmap type.

Will Surf hold its turf? Will the 'Surgeons cut into Thomas's market share? Tune in and find out! Children under seventeen, get your parents' permission before viewing.

Surfstation сделал парочку из PixelSurgeon, как детей. Это было весело.

Tell us who you think played the more skillful, creative game today and why.

ubs: The game of Surfstation player was far more daring and included both his own improvisation and eagerness to cooperate with the opponent, showing lots of humour and featuring a wonderful taste for clean colours.

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