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[ L ] Жизненный принцип („Assimilate!“)

Assimilate, don't complain!

Here's the deal: many companies still hire a Lead Designer to lead the design team (makes sense so far) that defines not only visual design but also more IA related aspects like interaction (navigation, flow, functionality) on their websites. These days, many include "familiarity with usability testing and information architecture" as a requirement, along with more tradional designer requirements like "fluent with Flash, Illustrator and Photoshop" or "an extensive visual design portfolio".

You can see which part doesn't make sense: having the lead visual designer with a focus on visual design and branding be responsible for the IA and interaction design of a website is wrong. These are different roles, that demand a different focus. Rare are the people who can (or want to) do both really well.

I was looking at one of these jobs recently, and and found myself thinking (again): they really should hire an IA instead. I thought: "Assimilate, don't complain!" and applied for the job.

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