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Зельдман снова великолепен... (Про отношения между веб-дизайнерами [в том числе])

Вот отсюда.

I've never been able to figure out if I'm in a profession or a support group. Web design seems to be both. Professionally we compete with each other. Emotionally we befriend, admire, and support each other. It's also a romance. We fall in love with each other through our projects. The mutual admiration can become intense. There's even jealousy and resentment, just like in real life love. And of course there's unrequited love: I link to you but you don't link to me.

In previous creative professions, I experienced the admiration and the competition, but not the love. The love seems unique to our community. We have our cliques, infights, and splinter groups, of course – we're human – but love underlies and overrides all of that. Community is love.

Where do we go from here? Where does love go? Love binds us and love frees us to be more and more ourselves. I don't know where Dodge will go any more than I know how my own sites and my friends' sites will evolve. I only know that we will evolve and endure. And that the web is a little richer today because of Dodge.


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