:: urbansheep (urbansheep) wrote,
:: urbansheep

[ L ] found objects в исполнении Зельдмана, часть вторая


Look At Me is as a found photo site with an intriguing yet intuitive interface, a razor-sharp design sensibility, and ugly underlying code and markup generated by GoLive 5. Two out of three ain’t bad (and it really is a beautiful site).

Found photos are a popular web meme and nearly always grip you with feelings of nostalgia and loss. Interesting found photo sites include The People’s Photos, the very lovely Object Not Found, the Cardhouse Gallery, Found Photos (check out Honey), and Accidental.org, a collection we stumbled upon in 1995, back when it was a tilde site hosted at Interport, and which may have been the first to explore this concept.


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