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Jeff Crandall
InVerse Studio

"In a world surrounded by consumerism, our connection to nature, personal integrity and age-old human foibles are precious and need to be honored."

The label on a bottle of Joy(tm) Lemon-Fresh dishwashing detergent reads: "Keep Joy out of reach of children. If Joy gets in your eyes, rinse thoroughly with water." Jeff Crandall is amazed at the extremes that we go to protect ourselves. His glass sculptures express this amazement with acid-etching that creates a fine, satiny sheen that resists fingerprints.

"My 'Poet's Bottles' poke fun at marketing and warning labels, but their whimsy also resonates with core truths."

MAGIC — Uncork the possibilities. LOVE — Warning: Causes dizziness. DREAMS — Drink deeply and believe. TRUTH — Caution: Do not dilute. HOPE — Warning: Do not abandon. FAITH — Danger: Do not lose.

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