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[ M ] Some strange music stories: yellow, blue and green (Soundsculptors)


In the beginning... Oh, long before that! When light was deciding who should be in and who should be out of the spectrum, Yellow was in trouble, even then. Seems that Green — you know Green can be — didn't want the Yellow in. Some silly primal envy I suppose.

But for whatever cause, the effect was bad on Yellow and caused Yellow to weep yellow tears for several eternals before there were years, until Blue heard what was up between Green and Yellow and took Green aside for a serious talk in which Blue pointed out that if Yellow and Blue were to get together — not that they would, but if they did (a gentle threat) — they could make their own Green!

'Oh!' — said Green with some understanding. Naturally by a sudden change of hue Green saw the light and Yellow got in.

Worked out fine. Yellow got lemons. And Green got limes.


Also available in spoken word.

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