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[ Q ] Serendipity // Powerful words



Today's word talks about happy surprises and looking beneath what appears to be for hidden blessings. Often we are so caught up in analyzing everything, thinking of only what we want to happen or what we think should happen.

When we let go of expectation and say to God/The Universe "Thy will be done for the highest good" We encourage peace in our hearts, and miracles in our lives.

What many know as "fate" has a way of bringing us blessings in disguise. Choose to look for the subtle messages from the Universe, the little happy surprises that come from letting go and letting God. Be mindful of synchronicities or seeming coincidences, see what they tell your heart. Use your intuition more and follow your heart not your head today.

Today's Exercise: Focus on the word serendipity, look for little cues and happy surprises. Tap into the Universal Wisdom and let it flow through you. Make a note of any signs or feelings that come to you at the end of the day.


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