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[ L ] Ambient Intelligence


Ambient Intelligence refers to an exciting new paradigm in information technology, in which people are empowered through a digital environment that is aware of their presence and context, and is sensitive, adaptive, and responsive to their needs, habits, gestures and emotions.

It can be defined as the merger of two important visions and trends: "ubiquitous computing" and "social user interfaces". It builds on advanced networking technologies, which allow robust, ad-hoc networks to be formed by a broad range of mobile devices and other objects (ubiquitous- or pervasive computing). By adding adaptive user-system interaction methods, based on new insights in the way people like to interact with computing devices (social user interfaces), digital environments can be created which improve the quality of life of people by acting on their behalf.

These context aware systems combine ubiquitous information, communication, and entertainment with enhanced personalization, natural interaction and intelligence.


Спасибо, centralasian.

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