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[ L ] New Architect: The Culture of usability


The most successful organizations conduct usability tests frequently, results are quickly integrated into the product, and the total cost of the testing program is smaller. How do they manage it? By developing what I call a culture of usability.

These companies have accepted usability testing as a basic life-sustaining system for their product. If developers are a site's heartbeat (pushing out new code on a regular basis), and designers are the lungs (infusing it with fresh, life-sustaining energy), then usability testing is kind of like the liver. It's a filter that siphons out the toxic sludge from your interfaces. You can't just add in a usability test every six months or so and hope to have a clean interface. When you overload your liver, the unfiltered crud spills over into your bloodstream and makes you sick. To be effective, usability testing needs to be done a little bit at a time, all the time.


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