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„Yamakasi — современные самураи“

Чудесный фильм по ОРТ. Уже хочется найти его на видеокассете, в основном из-за совершенно ошеломляющих трюков (одно только восхождение на высотку в самом начале без всякого снаряжения всемером чего стоит) и самого „жидкого движения“ семёрки „акробатов по желанию“.

Yamakasi is a tale of a group of young men from Paris, all from different backgrounds, who jump off, across, and on buildings for fun. Supposedly, there are french kids who do jump from building to building, but maybe I missed that documentary. The movie kicks into gear when a kid with a heart condition attempts to re-inact a Yamakasi stunt, only to fall and be sent to the hospital. Low and behold, he needs a crazy amount of money for the operation to fix his heart and so the real Yamakasi go into action.

Here we have your standard action fare movie, with the usual (and sometimes baffling) subplots going around. The jumping and flipping is very well done and flows nicely. The French cops are (dumb, old, slow, mean) bit is getting a tad dated as every French police chief in recent French film seems not too far away from the villian.

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